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During the first year of BSWC, we offered financial support for many workers in order to help with food, rent, other emergencies and overall quality of life donations. This proved to be at times a traumatic experience where the person looking over the requests and distributing funds was met with hostility. This is something that over time can have a lasting effect which can be detrimental to our well being and sustainability. As a result we have decided that the only referrals for help we can take are hard ones. Meaning, they have to come from other organizations or persons who are known within the rights movement or connected to the BSWC in order for us to offer funds. This is also a great way for us to try and minimize the risk associated with those who may fraud the rights movement. So please send us in your referrals. We still need to verify recipients, but we are working hard at avoiding any harm that may come to us as a result of wanting to offer community members help.  Send A Referral to make a donation directly to supporting this initiative please click here.

For referrals please include a statement which includes the name of the person, what they need, how much, why they need it and how soon. Please also let us know how you are affiliated with the person. We do NOT give money to pay for ads or rentals for working, or travel expenses related to working.