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The Black Sex Worker Collective Branches

In our commitment to doing no harm and supporting each chapter, we are currently only accepting applications for programs that will be officially onboarded in the fall/winter of 2021. In the meantime you are able to join other chapters and offer remote support.

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Working Cafe

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Our Branches

Zee Xaymaca

Branch Coordinator


Zee Xaymaca, is a badass queer, Black,  perpetually wandering heaux, writer, and sex work researcher. I’m currently studying legal regimes and Sex Workers’ rights in Europe. I’m  passionate about Black liberation particularly for Black womxn who fight white supremacy with their very existence. Sex workers' rights benefit society as a whole and ensures the safety of the intersectionally oppressed so I got loud about it. I started The Popped Cherry Project as a virtual hub to share with others my journey to understanding life, sex work and human rights as a Black Feminist.


In Solidarity,

Zee (They/Them)

Madame Fae

North Carolina Branch Coordinator

IMG_9529 copy.jpg

The BSWC-NC: is a support group for black sex workers and allies. Here, we support sex workers including cam girls / boys, call girls, dom/me, strippers, burlesque and go go dance, toy sellers/ makers, and more.
We provide space for uplifting sex workers and mental health. Come hang out, share, and assist your fellow sex workers. This is a safe, yet brave space, please keep it so.

Madame Fae Goddess is the chapter leader of The BSWC-NC. Madam Fae believes in the shared joy, pleasure, and pain of beauty, life, and death. As black, bisexual, polyamorous, womxn, and pro-domme. Madam Fae seeks to have a space where her dominant punk rocker persona, black hippy childhood, and psychology degree can come together for the perfect cause: pleasure activism. She supports finding therapy for fellow sex workers, and also has a pension for artists of all kinds. Dance and Domme performance art are her personal favorites at the moment. She encourages sex workers to share their art with the world, too.

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