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From mainstream movies, to literary masterpieces intimacy professionals should be hired by those who are professionals in intimacy work--A trend in community work is that the people directly affected by the issues do not benefit as a result of their years of work and expertise. Oppression runs deep. Even when sectors of society begin to acknowledge an issue–such as sex worker rights, trans rights or immigrant rights–as having validity, gate keepers do not allow directly affected community members to take key paid organizational roles or serve as consultants in the field. Rather, community members are asked/told/kept in place as focus group participants, volunteers or poorly paid peer educators. Overcoming this is a struggle like any other. Many community members have been consistently denied the opportunities that could build their resumes. Even when the resumes are chock full, they may be passed over for jobs because of stigma. Reverse this trend by hiring some of the great sex work consultants for your next project in film, stage, the work place or your next literary venture. There is nothing for us without us if sex worker stories exclude sex worker voices and experiences.

All professionals listed are experts in one or more fields of adult entertainment and would be a perfect sexuality coach for your next project.

We have over 40 years of collective experience working in the fields of BDSM, kink, stripping, Trans experiences, escorting, sex work organizing, sex work parenting, burlesque dance, photography, script writing and so much more! Contact us HERE for more information on pricing, availability and how you can make your work more sex worker inclusive!

  • Monica Jones

    Monica Jones has consulted with BPPP to provide strategic planning services in 2018. In 2019, she was the lead consultant for the New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance to host a planning day for this people of color led sex worker rights group. Her expertise includes providing guidance to foundations and government on transgender rights, HIV/AIDS, feminism, sex work, social work, and the law. She is a dynamic speaker who has moderated events during the Commission on the Status of Women in NY, the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, International AIDS Conferences in Melbourne, Australia and Durban, South Africa, and the Association of Women in Development in Brazil. Ms Jones is the recipient of the SPARK! Authentic Life Award in 2015, was honored as one of the Trans 100 in 2015 and received the Diversity Advisory Committee of Phoenix College Award in 2012. Ms Jones is the founder of The Outlaw Project, an organization based on the principles of intersectionality to prioritize the leadership of people of color, transgender women, gender non-binary people and migrants for sex worker rights. She has presented at universities across the United States introducing students of all levels to key issues relating to transgender experience, rights, sex worker rights, workers rights, gender justice, the law and social work. Ms Jones may be contacted by email at monica6022006@gmail and by text/voice to (602) 483-9772.

  • Jiselle Parker

    Jiselle Parker has served as consultant to BPPP in 2019 in regards to reframing diversion programs to include human rights frameworks and on integrating healing and wellness into human rights advocacy. She is the Founder and CEO of GenderFabulous and she is one of the coordinators of the New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance. She is a healer, advocate, writer, and performer who centers love, compassion, and unity in her work.  Jiselle has worked in community advocacy for over 10 years, specifically community initiatives that uplift LGBTQ+ folks, People of Color (POC), and those who are most socioeconomically oppressed.  As an out and visible Queer Trans Woman of Color she understands resilience and the healing power of love.  Jiselle’s work has given her the opportunity of being a guest at the White House for the Annual Transgender Community Briefing, a featured spoken word artist on the first International All TRANS mix-tape TRANS TRENDERS, a Keynote Speaker at Rutgers University for the NJ Trans Youth Forum and featured in the photo exhibit Shine 100 women of Long Branch. Contact her at:

  • MF Akynos

    MF Akynos On top of being an international burlesque show stripping starlet she not only formed The BSWC, but has done various forms of sex work. This includes cam girl, phone sex operator, strip club dancer, escort, domina, sensual massage therapist, nude model and so much more! Additionally this primarily self taught dancer knows what it means to struggle while parenting and sex working for a real world experience that cannot be bought.


    Her intellectual ability doesn't just stop at her tenure in adult entertainment. She has served as a consultant to BPPP on UN Policy relating to women at the Commission on the Status of Women and during the Universal Periodic Review of the human rights record of the United States at the Human Rights Council. She has advised other non-profit organizations including Desiree Alliance, where she has spearheaded the arts track for the national conference. She is an author, performance artist, and an educator in the fields of sexuality, HIV, and rights. She has convened public actions in New York City in response to the passage of repressive Federal legislation restricting online speech, she has represented US sex workers at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, and has raised funds for marginalized sex workers directly impacted by the current political climate in the United States. She is also the founder of the production company little woman. BIG HAIR through which she has developed and presented numerous creative works addressing the intersections of Blackness and sexuality. Akynos has performed at the NYC Burlesque Festival, the Berlin Burlesque Festival and in many other venues. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Goddard College and is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) in performance at the same institution. She has published her work at A Kiss For Gabriela and has a co-authored peer reviewed publication forthcoming in The Handbook of Sex Work Research (Routledge, 2018).

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