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Thank You

We want to thank everyone who has made it possible for BSWC to thrive! If we missed you we greatly apologize. We have not forgotten you and hope you continue to support us moving forward. Please note that a lot of our support comes from other organizations with little to no funding, so where there are links to different organizations we ask that you please support them as much as you can. A little goes a long way. Additionally, some of these spaces are also small businesses and come from other artists. Please support them. Keep them up and running. Spread the word about their services and the great things they are doing to support an industry where people traditionally turn their backs on.

Support looks like showing up to their events, money, writing about them, sharing their work, money, and offering other services, and also sending them money without needing something in return.


Desiree Alliance



The Outlaw Project

Third Wave Fund

CJI Fund

A very special thank you to

Stephanie Kaylor and Dr Mireille Miller-Young

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