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Conference Schedule


Asynchronous Presentations:

1. Danielle Ellis of Mermaids Bring Water - Free Flow: A clean water initiative currently serving Sandbranch, Texas - a black township currently without clean water

2. Siroya - Views, Moments & Visions from Mount Saint Oya

3. The BSWC Presents - Films of Reliberation

  • Day Two: DASPU Putas Pret a Porter - This documentary tells the story of Daspu's creation and its repercussions in the fashion world and how the catwalk has become a platform for the struggles of the sex worker, feminist and LGBT+ movements. Davida is one of the first organizations in Brazil fighting for sex worker rights and against the whore stigma.

  • Day Three : Shorts! - A collection of short films including Kitchen Talk: Reclaiming our Image


Day One - June 17th:

1. MF Akynos with branch leaders Jay St James & Zee Xaymaca - Opening ceremonies with Executive Director -10:00 am EST / 4:00 pm CEST

2. Berlin Stripper Collective - Strip Clubs: What Hides Behind the Sparkle - 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CEST

3. Kim the Biologist - Nourish Your Roots For Prosperous Fruits -12:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm CEST

4. SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW (Agbo Ikor & Kae Goode) - Decriminalizing the Margins: Utilizing a Black Queer and Trans Liberatory Framework to Decriminalize Sex Work - 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST

5. Monica Jones (keynote speaker) - 5:30 pm EST /11:30 pm CEST

6. Special Screening - 6pm/Midnight CEST

  • Major! - This documentary follows the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a 73-year-old Black transgender woman who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of color for over 40 years -6:00 pm EST / 12:00 am CEST


Day 2 - June 18th:

1. Dr. Stella Nyanzi (keynote speaker) - 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CEST

2. Dame Sadie - Get Embodied: A Guide for Sensual Self Healing - 12:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm CEST

3. Dr. Mireille MIller-Young with Onyx Sachi, Micah, & Luna Enamorada - The Roundtable - 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST

4. Black Femme Brunch with Zaddi, Madamme Seduction, Reign, Jennifer Eden, & DJ MARSHAMAYI - Quarankink - [EXCLUSIVELY BLACK ONLY EVENT] - 3:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm CEST

5. The Heaux World Competition hosted by Shauna Brooks - may the best heaux win - 6:15 pm EST / 12:15 am CEST


Day 3 - June 19th:

Schedule to be announced shortly

1. The Heaux History Project with Peech, MeMe, & Rebelle - Heaux History Matters - An open discussion regarding their work at and the importance of documenting Black sex worker histories. Focusing on contributions to popular media and music, they connect the dots between digital spaces, hip hop music, socio-political movements (past & present), and heaux culture - 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CEST

2. TBD -12:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm CEST

3. Christian (keynote speaker) - 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST

4. Micah - Heaux Confessionals: The Overseas Experience - 3:15 pm EST / 9:15 pm CEST 915-1030pm

5. Bammrose (keynote speaker) - 6:15 pm EST / 12:15 am CEST

6. Release hosted by Jeez Loueez with performances by Juno, Eva Mystique, Onyx Sachi, Lady Londyn, Ms Briq House, and more - 7:30 pm EST / 7:30 am CEST

  • Announcing the TOP 12 in Sex Work awards


(in order of appearance)

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MF Akynos is the director of the Black Sex Worker Collective and host of ReLiberate. Motherfucking Akynos is a world renowned human rights activist and Burlesque icon. She is a performer The Incredible Edible Akynos, web model, and producer of her own content highlighting the Black womxn as an artist. You can find her on social media Twitter: @TheBlackSWC Instagram: thebswc, and welcomes contributions for her Patreon account You can contribute directly and buy merchandise on her website

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Monica Jones is a Black transgender woman who advocates for trans rights, the rights of sex workers and low income women of color. She holds a degree in social work from Arizona State University. She has advocated at the United Nations in Geneva and New York, has presented at International AIDS Conferences in Australia, South Africa and Europe and has been a keynote speaker at numerous events. She is the founder of The Outlaw Project, an organization based on the principles of intersectionality to prioritize the leadership of people of color, transgender women, gender non-binary and migrants for sex worker rights. The Outlaw Project is currently building sustainable housing for transgender women of color in Arizona. Ms Jones has been an advocate for rights for more than fifteen years and has experienced police reprisals as a direct result of her activism. In 2013, after speaking at a public action protesting rights violating arrests under the Project ROSE diversion program in Phoenix, Arizona, she was herself arrested. In partnership with local and national organizations, including the ACLU-AZ and Arizona Prison Watch, Monica Jones created a campaign that garnered local, national and global attention about the injustice of the statutes that facilitated arresting her for “walking while trans.” This successful two year long campaign opened the way for discussion in the media about both the laws used to criminalize trans people and the “diversion” offered by Project ROSE that in fact stripped them of due process and their rights and routed people into overcrowded jails. Her case is now frequently cited in legal and policy briefs in support of strategic litigation and campaigns in other jurisdictions.

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a multiple award-winning medical anthropologist with specialization in sexual and reproductive health, sexual rights and human sexualies in Uganda and The Gambia. She self-identifies as a radical queer feminist scholar, social justice acvist, human rights defender, non-violent protester, poet, Facebooker, opposion polician belonging to the Forum for Democrac Change (FDC), former aspirant for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament (2020-2021), an ex-prisoner from Luzira Women’s Maximum-Security Prison, and mother of three teenagers. She obtained her doctoral degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2009), a Master of Science degree in Medical Anthropology from University College London (1999), and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Literature from Makerere University (1997). Her activism revolves around women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health rights, LGBTIQ rights, civil and political rights, as well as freedom of expression in Uganda speci#cally, but Africa more broadly.

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Christian A'Xavier Lovehall is a proud Black Trans man with Caribbean roots, from Philly known for his poetry, music and freedom fighting. By day, he is co-owner of FrootFly LLC, a Trans affirming doula, a freelance photographer and an unapologetic advocate for the most marginalized individuals and communities, including Black Trans individuals, people living with disAbilities, those who are undocumented and sex workers. By night, he is a HipHop artist, known as WORDZ The Poet Emcee, who works tirelessly to save the world from the influence of “wack emcees” with music many fans consider to

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BammRose (she/her) is a Black stripper and erotic arts instructor from New Jersey, based out of Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Bamm has been an advocate for black lives from an early age, as well as an advocate for the legalization of marijuana (and the expungement of marijuana based crimes) in New Jersey. During the pandemic, when unemployment impacted everyone, incuding strippers and sex workers, Bamm formed Stilettos Inc., a mutual aid fund, that raised money with Stripper Strikes in Philadelphia. Stilettos Inc. also hosted their Dog Walk protest, inspired by Cardi B's statement to Tomi Lahren, "I will dog walk you". Bamm, Stilettos Inc., and the community took to walking white men on leashes publically, in the middle of the street. This brought light to various issues that strippers and sex workers face in Philadelphia, and nationally. Following the influx of unsafe spaces for Black activists doing work in this current climate, Bamm created The BlkSafeSpace, which is a safe space and network for all Black folx to exist. The group hosts private symposiums, workshops, and other events for Black folx, and occasionally public events for non Black allies.

Presenter Biographies

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Community Privacy Policy


We want to make your experience at The Black Sex Workers virtual conference as rewarding and connective as possible.  With our theme of Reliberate this year, we want our attendees to feel as comfortable as possible interacting with all participants, presenters, staff and performers.  We want our attendees to be able to utilize the vast array of information, tools, and opportunities available at the conference with complete confidence.

We have created this Community Privacy Agreement to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy, security and solidarity with all of our participants. 

We want you to share about the conference!  We want the sex workers’ organizing movement to encompass as many folks as possible. We want people to know that  the Black Sex Worker Collective and other sex workers’ organizations exist and can be fertile ground for strengthening this movement. But we also want to treat with great care the privacy concerns and needs about sharing information in the targeted population of sex workers in the age of Google.  We need you to share about the conference with great care, and we have created the following guidelines for use when sharing about the conference.

By registering for the conference you agree to the following:

When writing, publishing or making media about the conference:

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Yes, this requires more work to prepare your writing, research, media, etc… It will, however, give more incentive for researchers, writers, and media makers to interact with conference participants. Getting permission via email from the subject will be permitted but it must be in writing.

If a researcher, writer or media maker has failed to adhere to this Community Privacy Agreement, you will be reported to the institution hosting your research, and/or your institutional review board, and/or the publication hosting your writing or media. We will also let the community know through our social medias and/or webpage as an alert that the privacy of the conference has been breached. 

If you feel a researcher has violated this agreement, please notify the

We appreciate your adhering to this Community Privacy Agreement so that everyone can get the most out of this amazing gathering for the sex worker community!

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