The collective has no full time staff members, just a bunch of a bad ass organizers who do different forms of work throughout the year to keep things going. Often times we have events coming up where we could use some helping hands. This could be from filming on a smart phone to helping guest speakers with bags, or even to house a visitor or someone in need. If you or anyone you know who may be interested in supporting the collective in this way or any other way you think may be helpful, please let us know. Most  requests are low committal. Longer requests are typically for support are typically for projects which can be done weekly, or monthly, or less. In these instances where funding is available we try and offer a small one time or ongoing stipend. And if you've been hanging with a us a while you get our very exclusive purple members only shirt! Yay! So hit us up and let us know your skills and what your level of commitment can be. 

All candidates should be in support of sex workers having full and equal rights. Such as access to housing, parental rights, bank accounts and all the basic necessities needed to sustain without stigma or shame. 

All candidates should be trustworthy, consistent, transparent, honest and finish the job timely based on what was agreed.


  • Before considering volunteering, please be honest with your time. How much time can you honestly commit to? Once you are clear on that

  • Shoot us an email, letting us know who you are and what skill sets you have. Your skills can be anything, as everyone is useful.

  • Schedule a time to chat and then you can be added to our private list and begin to work

Currently we are seeking:

- Someone to help us start up our Radical Housing Initiative duties include setting up the fb account page and inviting people to participate. Managing the social media page for an agreed amount of time. This is ideal for someone who has a strong presence within the rights community, but it is not a necessary requirement

- Social Media Team

This person or persons would be responsible for updating and maintaining or FB, IG and Twitter accounts with news on what is happening in the rights movement globally and locally. And update with BSWC activities.

Have a skill to share but don't see it here? It's ok! Let us know what you got so we can keep this movement going!

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