Discussions about the centrality of sex workers’ rights are now at the forefront of many important social movements including feminism and gender justice, racial justice, migrants rights and anti-carceral movements. During the current pandemic the rights of sex workers are being undermined as once again our communities are blamed as vectors of disease, and Black sex workers globally are facing extreme violence due to racist policing. This panel discussion will be lead by sex worker rights advocates and will be address how sex workers are organizing to have “full and effective participation and decision-making in public life” under these conditions. Some issues we will explore will include the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality and how barriers to participation are intensified if the issue of sex work is added to these intersections. We will also address Generation Equality key points are regarding “bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights” and “technology and innovation for Gender Equality to provide lenses to consider how sex workers--especially women of color, from the global South, and transgender women--have been marginalized by criminalization. Our panelists will also speak to the different ways Black women and Black trans women are denied bodily autonomy in a discussion that will apply more broadly to those interested in feminism, in addition for those specifically concerned with the issue of sexual labor.

Globally sex workers are at the forefront of communicaton technology innovation, inventing new communication means and acting as early adopters of online tools, increasing the popularity of these services overall. Yet because of the criminalization of sex workers’ lives and long held fears about sex workers that drive discriminiation, states and private entities (such as communications businesses) are in continual competition with sex workers to remove them from these spaces. This panel discussion will be led by sex workers and will make connections between COVID19, online communication and the restrictions placed on all women who seek to speak frankly about their lives (especially Black women and trans women), organize and participate in decision making and public life using new forms of technology. We will address Generation Equality key points regarding “technology and innovation for Gender Equality.” Our panel will apply more broadly to those interested in feminism and technology, in addition for those specifically concerned with the issue of sexual labor.

In der whoroscope-Folge #intersectional – under feminist construction beschäftigen wir uns mit der Frage, wie Sexarbeitsaktivismus intersektionaler werden kann. Was muss sich verändern, damit Menschen an unserer Seite kämpfen können, die neben dem Hurenstigma und rechtlicher Diskriminierung von Sexarbeit von zahlreichen weiteren Ausgrenzungen und Herrschaftsverhältnissen betroffen sind?

Dazu sprechen Akynos vom Black Sex Worker Collective sowie Starling und Cherub von Trans*Sexworks.

Sie zeigen auf, unter welchen zusätzlichen Anstrengungen sie als trans Personen, Schwarze Menschen, Alleinerziehende, Menschen aus der Arbeiter*innenklasse und/oder Straßensexarbeiter*innen arbeiten und Politik machen. Sie beschreiben, wie die COVID-Krise die Arbeitsbedingungen gerade von stärker marginalisierten Kolleg*innen verschlechtert, und erklären, was sich verändern muss.

We are so honored to be benefiting The BSWC for our 22nd virtual show, and our THIRD xxx show!  A little bit about us...


Let Them Eat Cake! is an aerial extravaganza, highlighting dancers, aerialists, polers, and burlesque artists.  We have transitioned our show to the virtual stage in hopes of raising both morale for the community and funds for gig workers.

Let Them Eat CXXX Cast List (NOT show order):

Amanda Whip  @amandawhip

Sachi Onyx Keller @onyxsachi

Pixel @pixelsplayhouse

Blaine Petrovia @blainepetrovia

Chris Harder @thechrisharder

Butchie Gamble @butchiegamble

Mistress Bella Bathory @mistressbellabathory

Chelsey Sinferno @sinferno.studios (pending use of pole)

Sam Doblick @samuelpaulish

Jordan Kensley  @jordankensley

We would LOVE to include a member of The BSWC in our show, if there is someone you can recommend!  We already reached out to Akynos, but she is unavailable the day of our show (we do our performances live).  Is there anyone else you'd recommend?

WHEN:  Saturday, Oct 30th from 10:00pm-12:00am EST

WHAT:  Let Them Eat CXXX:  Trick or Freak!

TICKETS:  LTEC is asking for $10-100 donations for tickets to our Venmo: @ltecakenyc, Cashapp: $ltecakenyc or Paypal: ltecakenyc@gmail.com 

Every week, we donate a portion of our ticket proceeds to corona relief funds or small businesses in need, and so far we have contributed over $17,000 to a variety of organizations.  On top of that, every show we donate $100 to Humberto, who is the porter at The Slipper Room (where we hold our physical show), as he is unable to receive unemployment. 


For this show, a portion of tickets will be donated to The Black Sex Worker Collective, @thebswc.



Just jokin’, don’t be scared. 🤠


Destiny Faeries will be hosting a snuggly Halloqween! We’re hanging out, dressing up, watching movies, & dancin’! No presh, no stress, no tickets needed/NOTAFLOF but we’ll be putting donations towards the The BSWC!


There will be super secret DJ sets, & some of them might be taking requests & we’ll definitely be spotlighting eeky-creepy dancers!

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