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Akynos | Founder

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Strategic Committee 

Christian |

In 2011, Christian founded and organized the Philly Trans March, an annual rally and march towards trans equity. In 2015, Christian co-founded the National Trans March of Resilience. He also founded and created The Free Ky Project, the same year, to help spread awareness about Ky Peterson, a Black Trans man from Georgia sentenced to 30 years for killing his rapist in self-defense. In 2017, Christian became a certified practicing doula, known affectionately as Brotha Doula, providing doula care that is inclusive of birthing trans men, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals, Today, Christian continues to live his life spreading a message of peace, love and liberation “by any means necessary

Afua Monk Addo |

Afua Addo, MHC, was just named one of 21 leaders to participate in the fourth cycle of Move to End Violence, a program of the NoVo Foundation. This new cohort unites leaders working across the intersections of many of the most powerful movements to

end violence against girls and women in all its forms, including domestic violence, commercial sexual exploitation, sexual assault, environmental injustice and more.

In 2017, Afua was selected by Essence Magazine as one of the Woke100 women blazing trails to achieve equality for people of color. She is Coordinator of Gender and Justice Initiatives with the Center for Court Innovation where she manages Project SAFE (Services and Fundamental Enhancements) for Justice-Involved Black/African-American Women addressing the needs of justice involved women with a history of domestic violence and sexual assault; partnered with Black Women's Blueprint & The National Black Women's Justice Institute funded by the U.S. Dept. of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.

Janell Johnson-Dash |

Janell Johnson-Dash (Jay) is an expert advocate for commercially sexually exploited individuals with Liaison Consulting Services, a sex worker led training, education & research company she recently launched this past March. 

She has been a Research Associate on the CDC's NHBS Study HET-4 cycle which focused on active NYC cis-gender female sex workers and the co-author of Navigating Force and Choice: Experiences in the New York City Sex Trade and the Criminal Justice System's Response. In addition to her professional and academic background, Jay has been involved in the Adult Entertainment industry since the age of 14. 

Dr. Penelope Saunders | Mentor Consultant

Penelope Saunders, PhD, is the coordinator of the Best Practices Policy Project, a national policy dedicated to the health and rights of sex workers. She has established numerous organizations nationwide focusing on sex worker rights, HIV and rights, as well as having worked in Latin America and Australia.

Jay St. James | Health Consultant

Jay St. James is a black single mom to 4 children, 3 with disabilities.  Besides being a FSSW, fetish provider and Domme since 1996, Jay has 15 years experience as a licensed nurse and has worked in a variety of professional settings and states across the US. 


Currently, Jay devotes their energy to  battling colon cancer, raising children, writing articles and op-eds, and public speaking on issues such as sex work, race, trans rights, and accessing health care as a marginalized individual. 

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Joy Saucy | Media and Marketing Consultant

Joy Saucy is a New York City based writer, brand consultant & newbie sex worker rights advocate. Combining her experiences in marketing and 16 year career in the adult industry, she teaches fellow sex workers that client screening, along with a solid marketing strategy are essential components for harm reduction. She is currently working on her first book, tentatively titled 'Help! I Don't Have a Title Because All the Good Ones Are Taken.'

Logan Dee | Content & Scholarship Support

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Bebe Bardot | Committee Member

Bebe Bardot is a Washington, D.C. based law librarian and burlesque performer. Bebe started her advocacy journey as a law student volunteer in 2009 with Kristi House Child Advocacy Center in Miami, and has 10 years of experience researching legal issues related to sex worker rights. During law school, she co-founded a law student sex worker rights pro bono project. Most recently, she completed advocacy training with HIPS and continues to volunteer in Washington, D.C.

Shy Blunt | Committee Member

Shy Blunt is a Black queer radical Mama from the west side of Chicago but is residing in New York City with her daughter, Zoë. Shy is the founder of Howl II Yoni, a grassroots movement and organization featuring creative, socially-conscious Black women and femme identified educators and professionals.  HIIY’s goal is to support the empowerment of women of color through impactful, engaging and accessible workshops and programming. She is a proud supporter of sex workers and sex workers’ rights. 

Po'Chop | Web Consultant/Developer

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