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Donate & Support Us

We want to sincerely thank every donation that comes in from the generosity of the public which supports our cause and mission. We value every dollar you send and ask that you continue to support us as we grow.


Photo by PJ Starr, 2016. Copyright PJ Starr.

Sex Worker Rights networks reclaim the streets of Durban during the International AIDS Conference in 2016

A Special Thanks!

Thank you to Dolls Kill & Sweet Cookie Wash for your recent donation (your purchases of Sweet Cookie Wash supports The BSWC & The Long Rode Home

Support Us

 The collective can always use assistance with resources beyond. I.e printing of merchandise and material, space for events and meetings, travel miles to assist members' travel to conferences & training, displaying our promotional materials in your place of business, organizations or on your web pages and so much more. 
Make a non deductible donantion directly to support our local members with emergency situations such as food and housing via cash app. $BSWC

How Funds are Spent

  • Salaries/Stipends

  • General Community Support

  • Initiatives

  • Projects/Actions

  • The BSWC Housekeeping

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has supported us since we started. All of your donations have supported speaker fees, events, merchandise printing, rent, organizer fees, food, travel, and emergency support of community members. Please look forward to seeing testimonials from the members of our community which your generous donations and that of our grantors has supported and continue to support. 

A special thank you to some of our past advertiser and sponsors”

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